Recommended Lotus Elise / Exige Low Entry Jack

I do lots of maintenance work on my Lotus Elise, however because of the design of the Lotus Elise most jobs will require access through one of the access panels. In order to remove the access panel, the car must be raised.

Most people are uncomfortable jacking the Lotus Elise as it is slightly different from most cars, however with a little care and the right tools anyone can manage this.

In this article I will show you my recommended low entry ramps and trolly jack for your Lotus Elise.

When raising the Lotus Elise, you have two options – ramps or a jack. Each have their pro’s and con’s so consider what kind of jobs you will be doing and what access you require before choosing.

Recommended Lotus Elise Ramps

Car ramps allow you to drive or reverse your car onto them to allow you access the bottom of the car. On most cars ramps are a great cheap choice, however on the Lotus Elise they can be a little troublesome.

As the Lotus Elise sits very low to the ground, you will not be able to drive onto ramps as the front clam will foul on the ramp and you will be unable to drive up it. You can however reverse up most ramps for rear access to the car.

As most jobs you will be doing will be at the rear, then this shouldn’t cause you too many issues. If you are buying new ramps try and get a pair that come with ramp extensions. The ramp extension increases the length of the ramps and creates a gentler incline which makes getting onto the ramps easier and makes driving onto them for front access easier too.

For a good quality set of ramps with extensions you should budget for about £50. I recommend this set you can pick up from [amazon asin=B003G1PTBK&text=Amazon for £49.99 including free delivery.]

Recommended Lotus Elise Low Entry Car Ramps

If you already have a set of ramps, and just need some helper ramp extensions you can pick these up separately. You can pick these up from [amazon asin=B004PZQNVQ&text=Amazon for about £20.]

Recommended Lotus Elise Low Entry Trolley Jack

Trolley jacks allow you raise your Lotus Elise by placing it under your car in specific spots designed for jacking. Trolley jacks are a better choice on the Lotus Elise, however you need to take care when jacking the Lotus Elise. You must only jack your Lotus Elise using the designated jacking spots. Otherwise you will risk damage to your car!

As the Lotus Elise sits very low to the ground, you should should chose a low entry jack with a low saddle height (the height from the ground to the part the raises the car). You can pick up cheap jacks for about £30+ however you will find they will be to big to fit under your Lotus Elise. The Lotus Elise has a typical ride height of about 14cm, however if you are running uprated or sports suspension its not unusual for this to be as low as 10cm. Hence the need for a jack that is designed for low entry applications.

A good quality, lightweight, low entry trolley jack is going to cost more than a set of ramps, however if you take care if it, it will last you a life time and will be much more flexible than a pair of ramps. You should budget about £100 for a suitable trolley jack. I recommend this  [amazon asin=B0036UWMRK&text=Clarke Low Entry Aluminium Trolley Jack] you can pick up from [amazon asin=B0036UWMRK&text=Amazon for £109 including free delivery.]

Recommended Lotus Elise Clarke Low Entry Trolley Jack

Recommended Lotus Elise Axle Stands

When using a trolly jack, you should never leave the car supported on the jack for long periods of time – as someone could knock the car off the jack resulting in serious injury or damage to the car. To prevent this and safeguard yourself you should use a pair of axle stands.

A good quality set of axle stands aren’t expensive and more than worth the small outlay. You should budget about £15 for a set of axle stands. I recommend this set you can pick up from [amazon asin=B003JI8QV0&text=Amazon for £49.99 including free delivery.]

Recommended Lotus Elise Axle Stands

Purchase Recommended Items

You can purchase all of the recommended items from these Amazon links. If you purchase through these links you help support the site. Please consider looking at one or two of the adverts if you think you may be of interest too as this also helps support the site.

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  • Roger Wong

    Paul, I had a facebook friend wondering how to get his Lotus in the air, so I made him a little video. I use a combination of jacks and ramps: I lift the car and then lower them on the ramps.

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