Adding ext2 / ext3 disk mounting support to OpenSolaris

Coming from a Linux background I was somewhat surprised that i could not mount ext2/3 disk in OpenSolaris. However, this is easily resolved by installing the following two packages.

This howto is valid for the latest OpenSolaris builds:

  1. Download SUNWext2fs package and SFEe2fsprogs package
  2. Unpack both SUNWext2fs.pkg.bz2 and SFEe2fsprogs.pkg.bz2
  3. Run on command-line pfexec pkgadd -d SFEe2fsprogs.pkg SFElibiconv SFEe2fsprogs
  4. Run on command-line pfexec pkgadd -d SUNWext2fs.pkg SUNWext2fs

Now you can mount your ext2 filesystem on device /dev/dsk/cXdYpZ:

# mount -F ext2fs /dev/dsk/cXdYpZ /mount_point

Also usual e2fsprogs commands like fsck.ext2 are available.

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