Fixing 3 (UK) Mobile Broadband on Snow Leopard


After upgrading my Mackbook to Snow Leopard, I found that my 2 Mobile Broadband USB (Huawei Mobile Connect E169G) stick no longer functioned. Looking on 3’s website, there is no drivers or install info for Snow Leopard. I also remember when Leopard came out they were somewhat slow in getting new drivers out.

So after some fiddling and searching I finally got it working again. The process isn’t too difficult:

Firstly you need to remove all of the software and drivers that might be on your machine, delete the following if they are there:

/Library/Modem Scripts/HUAWEI Mobile Connect

Don’t worry if none of the above are there, it’s worth checking before you go any further.

Now reboot your Mac. When restarted pop in your USB Modem stick it should appear in the finder as a CD. Open it up and you will see the Mobile Connect app. Right click and select “Show Package Contents”. Mobile-connect

Then navigate to Contents/Resources/Mobile_Connect_Drv_App.pkg. Double click this to run the driver only installation. Finder

After this has installed head over to Network Preferences window. If there is an existing HUAWEI Mobile listed in the left menu, select it and hit the minus button to delete it.

Now go and add a new one choosing HUAWEI Mobile from the Interface dropdown, giving it a name if you wish. Now in the telephone Number enter *99#, leaving the remaining fields blank. Keep the “Show modem status in menubar” checked because you then get quick instant access for dialling up with your new HUAWEI Mobile connection.

Hit Advanced entering the following details for 3 Mobile Boradband UK. APN: 3internet. Your APN might be different if your not in the UK. System-Preferences

You should be all set, go and connect. Working 3 Mobile Broadband (UK) with the HUAWEI E169G on Snow Leopard.

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